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 Tax Sales Coming in June

When it comes to tax sales, keeping track of their schedules is just as important as having a Maryland tax sale attorney on your side. Knowing when and where they occur gives you an idea of when the property will be available for purchase, allowing you to plot your moves accordingly.

Responsible tax sale participants always conduct research at least a month before the sale. Information is usually available around that time. This property information includes the property’s overall worth and the outstanding tax involved.

We’ve gathered the available information on the tax sales coming in June for your convenience.

June 2022 Tax Sale Schedule

Here are the upcoming tax sales in June 2022 by location:

    • ​Anne Arundel County: ​June 7
  • ​Baltimore County:
    • ​Calvert: ​June 24​
    • ​​Carroll: ​June 30
    • ​Cecil: ​June 6
    • ​Dorchester: June 21
    • ​Harford: ​June 21
    • ​Montgomery: June 13
    • ​Somerset: ​June 9
    • ​Washington: ​June 7
    • ​Wicomico: ​June 8​

Upcoming June Tax Sales by Date:

  • June 6: Cecil, Baltimore County
  • June 7: Anne Arundel County; Washington, Baltimore County
  • June 8: Wicomico, Baltimore County
  • June 9: Somerset, Baltimore County
  • June 13: Montgomery, Baltimore County
  • June 21: Dorchester and Harford, Baltimore County
  • June 24: Calvert, Baltimore County
  • June 30: Carroll, Baltimore County

Check out the full schedule of upcoming tax sales directly from the Department of Assessments and Taxation.

How To Purchase a Tax Sale Property

Purchasing properties from tax sales is a complex process. Such events are open to the public to sell liens on properties. Although anyone can participate, not everyone is particularly experienced in navigating the procedure. 

Expect to shell out a lot of money when purchasing from a tax sale. At the same time, be careful when proceeding with any tax sale because any minor mistake can end up costing a thousand dollars to mend.

Consider enlisting the support of a seasoned Maryland tax lien attorney to oversee the tax sale you intend to participate in. These professionals understand the ins and outs of a tax sale procedure from beginning to end. Allow them to guide you through the process and ensure things go in your favor.


Preparing for a tax sale in June as early as today is a great strategy for success. Researching properties that interest you gives you an edge in securing the property you want. As such, you have a better chance of placing the winning bid.

According to the official schedule posted in the Department of Assessments and Taxation, there are eight scheduled tax sales. Be sure to keep up with the schedules in case any tax sale gets rescheduled or canceled.

In addition, consider getting a professional Maryland tax sale attorney to help you through the process. These experts know how to navigate tax sale procedures in any county, ensuring you have all necessary documents in order.

At LewisMcDaniels, our team of seasoned Maryland tax lien attorneys is ready to represent your best interests in any scheduled tax sale. Discuss your goals for owning properties in the area with us today and allow us to craft a flawless strategy to meet them.

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