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Return On Investment After Tax Sales

During a tax sale, the minimum bid price will be just enough to cover the delinquent taxes owed by the original owner (plus interest and other penalties). LewisMcDaniels lawyers keep a close eye on the process for you, ensuring that you get the best ROI possible. From then on, we do whatever needs to be done after sale (such as foreclosure notices) to make sure you are in compliance with the law.

Redeeming Your Property in a Tax Sale

From the initial bidding process all the way to sending foreclosure notices during the redemption period, and to filing foreclosure actions, we are here to represent you every step of the tax sale process. This includes offering advice on all aspects of the tax lien process, ensuring all title documents are transferred to your name, the foreclosure procedure, and more.

If the original homeowner does not redeem the property, you can file a civil lawsuit to foreclose the owner’s right of redemption. We can facilitate the filing process, representing and fighting tooth and nail for you and your cause. The goal is to get a certificate of sale that indicates that you have received the rights associated with the property.

Tax Sale Possession Issues in Maryland

The tax sales process in Maryland is relatively straightforward but complications often arise as different local real estate (and tax) laws come into play. We help you navigate through this tricky minefield and emerge the victor on the other side. Some legal issues that may arise in a tax lien sale in Maryland include, but aren’t limited to:

Marketable Title

Property with tax liens or title defects isn’t marketable, meaning that the property can’t be legally transferred to the new owner even if sold in a tax sale. Although the purpose of a tax sale is to release the liens, other title defects may not be as easy to get rid of. LewisMcDaniels takes a methodical approach to ensuring your property’s title defects are removed and your title is marketable.

Notice of Foreclosure

In the state of Maryland, tax certificate holders must send out a notice informing the property owner and interested parties of their right to redeem – twice. We send these notices in compliance with the law.

Tax Sale Ejectment

An ejectment action occurs when a certificate holder has received the legal title (or right of possession) of the property involved in a tax sale but the previous owner is refusing to vacate the property. Ejectment lawsuits can get relatively ugly and in those cases, you will need an experienced tax lien attorney to back you up. LewisMcDaniels can oversee the ejectment and foreclosure process from start to finish.

Quiet Title Representation

Quiet title lawsuits are civil lawsuits filed when there is an issue regarding title. This action serves to request the court to determine or terminate any other parties’ (such as the previous owner’s) rights on the property with a clouded title. Regardless of whether you’re the defendant or plaintiff, we are here to represent you in court for a favorable decision.

From filing the suit, to serving it, and facilitating the process every step of the way, we make sure it’s all done in your favor. Any and all superior liens are also taken into consideration, along with all potential claims that could be brought with regards to the property.

Dues Other Than Liens

Tax sale properties may have several dues on them such as IRS liens, judgment liens, HOA dues, municipal liens, tax challenges, disputes, and other claims that certificate holders may have to deal with after purchase. Furthermore, issues relating to deceased owners or if the property was abandoned may further complicate matters.

At LewisMcDaniels, we are ready to represent you in state and federal court with regards to tax sale properties, no matter the complications involved. From the initial bidding to ensuring any and all procedures are followed, and finally to foreclosure and possession – our experience ensures that you have a much higher chance of getting favorable rulings.

So, get in touch and let us help you dot your is and cross your’s when it comes to tax liens in Maryland!

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