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Our Real Estate Legal Representation Areas in Maryland

LewisMcDaniels real estate attorneys have successfully helped innumerable clients settle their disputes over residential and commercial real estate in Maryland and are therefore on the way to becoming one of the leading law firms in the state.

We can confidently say that you’ll find a resolution to your issues coupled with the ever-famous LewisMcDaniels level of service. Our areas of expertise in real estate law are ever expanding, some issues that we deal with on a regular basis include:

  • Document Drafting
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Title/Boundary Disputes
  • Tax Lien Negotiations
  • Mortgage/Tax Sale Foreclosure Actions
  • Real Estate Acquisition/Sale
  • Real Estate Leasing Issues
  • Development & Expansion
  • Real Estate Transactions/Closings
  • Real Estate Financing & Lending

Real Estate Document Drafting

At LewisMcDaniels, we have a dedicated team of in-house individuals to help you draft contracts, deeds, agreements, notices, bills of sale, powers of attorney, eviction notices, and more. Each draft will be reviewed extensively before it reaches you to ensure there is no room for error or misinterpretation.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord and tenant disputes can be rather stressful. Regardless of whether you’re a renter or a landlord, we can help you analyze your situation, help you determine your rights and give actionable advice so that you can make an informed decision.

Title/Boundary Disputes

One of the most contentious issues in terms of real estate can be those of property title and boundaries. When that happens, it is essential that you have a strong advocate backing you up. Whether your neighbor has encroached your property, an excavation project is violating your rights, or there are any easement concerns, just let us know and we’ll come running to help you defend your rights.

Mortgage/Tax Sale Foreclosures

Tax liens foreclosures in Maryland and tax sales provide excellent avenues for investment. We handle all aspects of the tax lien foreclosure process, providing excellent advice, pre-litigation services, and foreclosure proceeding representation.  

Real Estate Financing & Lending

When it comes to real estate financing, many individuals think that there is only so much that they can negotiate with sellers and mortgage providers. Real estate attorneys at LewisMcDaniels are knowledgeable and business-savvy and can therefore help you negotiate favorable conditions for financing or when lending money to someone for real estate to make the most of your investment.

Acquisition & Sale of Real Estate

Whether you’re buying commercial or residential real estate subject to a tax lien, a tainted legal history, or just a regular piece of property, our expert real estate attorneys can help you iron out all the kinks. From business real estate acquisition requirements to negotiating sale contracts, clearing any ambiguities with regards to titles, and transferring the same, we can help you with it all.

Property-Lease Legal Matters

Leases can get really tricky for both parties – not to mention really expensive for the lessee. From ensuring the lease is profitable for the lessor and cost-effective for the lessee to drafting, reviewing, negotiating, and overseeing dissolution of lease, LewisMcDaniels lease attorneys can help you through it all. No lease is too small or too big for us – we’re here to help no matter the subject.

Real Estate Compliance

It’s one thing to buy real estate – it’s entirely another to make sure it follows code. From land usage and zoning issues to development intricacies, representation, drafting contracts, domain issues, OSHA and environmental compliance, and more; we’ll handle it all. We review your plans and contracts, drafting and negotiating agreements throughout the process.

Real Estate Transactions/Closings

No matter how complex a case, we have the right team of real estate attorneys waiting for you. This also includes any and all real estate transactions you engage in, , closing and escrow cost negotiations, title document drafting and handling, settlement agreements, and more. LewisMcDaniels is a versatile law firm ready to tackle issues on your behalf.

Let Our Real Estate & Tax Lien Attorneys in Maryland Help You Get the Ruling You Are Looking For

We take pride in representing clients across a variety of real estate industry sectors. Whether you’re on the receiving or the paying end, whether your issue is residential or commercial, and whether you are and experienced tax lien investor, or new to the tax sale world, we’ll be glad to be a helping hand in your time of need.


LewisMcDaniels’ real estate attorneys have been litigating real estate issues in Frederick and throughout Maryland for many years, in good economic times and in bad. We understand the challenges and disputes that may arise in commercial and residential real estate and can help you navigate through these troubled waters, efficiently and affordably. From title issues to contract negotiations, our expertise in document preparation, negotiations, and litigation can help you simplify all your real estate legal needs, including tax liens foreclosures in Maryland. See how our dynamic team of attorneys along with our commitment to quality help you solve all your legal issues!

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