Our attorneys and staff work hard to ensure that each of our clients receives a tailored experience based on their specific legal–and practical–needs.

Businesses are faced with complex state and federal statutes, court rulings, and administrative rules. They need a strong and experienced legal representative with an extensive understanding of labor and employment law.

Likewise, Employees have guaranteed rights and protection under the law that a Labor and Employment Attorney can help defend.

LewisMcDaniels offers labor and employment legal services in Frederick to individual employees and private businesses. We can advise you on various aspects of labor and employment law-related issues and implement appropriate strategies to avoid litigating concerns and disputes when required.

Labor and Employment Law Services

Our team of experienced lawyers can handle a range of labor and employment law matters, including:

  • Harassment and Discrimination: Our team can provide legal representation in harassment and discrimination claims, including cases that involve discrimination based on protected characteristics like pregnancy status, ethnicity, disability, sex, age and race; and all types of sexual harassment claims.
  • Severance Negotiations: We can help handle severance negotiations with the employee or employer to determine appropriate compensation.  
  • Overtime/Misclassification: Employees might not be rightfully paid for overtime or might have been exempt from overtime pay and experienced legal assistance can help.
  • Wrongful Termination: We can offer legal assistance in cases of wrongful termination or help businesses avoid wrongful termination cases.
  • Social Security Disability Insurance Claims: Our team can help file legal paperwork to obtain benefits for employees qualifying for social security disability insurance. Since it involves various complex forms and eligibilities, a lawyer can provide better assistance.

Our team of labor and employment lawyers has the experience and knowledge to help employees and employers with labor and employment law.

We work hand-in-hand with each client, whether employee or employer, to assess their goals and needs in terms of their cases and determine the right course of action regarding the labor and employment law in Maryland.

Working with Employees

If you are an employee and believe your rights are not being respected or have any concerns with your employers, we may be able to help. Our legal team will ensure that your rights are protected in accordance with the law and fight to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Working with Employers

If you are an employer, we can help you establish procedures and policies that follow labor and employment law. We can also protect you from liabilities and employee lawsuits.

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We will continue providing high-quality legal services in Frederick and help employees and employers alike with their labor and employment law needs.

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