Our attorneys and staff work hard to ensure that each of our clients receives a tailored experience based on their specific legal–and practical–needs.

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Having proudly served the people of Maryland over the years, our combined years of experience is at your disposal when it comes to offering invaluable representation and advice.


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“Cura personalis” is a powerful Latin phrase that means “care for the entire person.”At Lewis McDaniels, that is our mission. Our attorneys and staff work hard to ensure that each of our clients receives a tailored experience based on their specific legal–and practical–needs.

Experienced Attorneys Serving Frederick, Maryland & Beyond

LewisMcDaniels is proud to be a full-service law firm committed to excellence for individuals, families, and businesses alike.We are committed to thinking outside the box for our clients, using our experience and passion to craft creative and effective documents and arguments to advance our clients’s positions.

Our ‘bottom line’ approach is revered in our industry - an approach that combines talent, skill, experience, and a dedication to our clients, personally and professionally!

Over the years, we have managed to make a name for ourselves - thanks to the trust our clients place in us, our regard for their peace of mind, and the quality results we earn for them. Our leaders, Ryan Lewis and Nick McDaniels, take the time to get to know each client and their circumstances, ensuring that they’re treated with understanding and compassion. Whether we’re mediating, counseling, negotiating, arguing, or litigating know that your trust is well-placed.

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We like to be upfront about our billing process. For that reason, you can learn about our firm’s billing methods below. The method of billing will vary based on the nature of each client’s case. Click the sections below to learn more about each method.


Using an hourly fee agreement, fees are charged based on the amount of time a case requires. Lewis McDaniels tracks time by fractions of an hour, in 6-minute increments (.1 hours). The length of time spent on a case by an attorney and staff differs greatly based on the specific issues involved.

A hybrid fee agreement combines two or more types of fee agreements. A hybrid fee agreement is typically used in situations where a client only desires legal help for a particular portion of a larger issue. For example, under a hybrid agreement, an attorney may draft a document such as a demand letter for a flat rate, then charge an hourly rate for any subsequent legal work.

Under a fixed fee agreement, a flat rate is often paid up front and covers the entirety of a particular issue.

A fixed fee agreement clearly states which services, expenses, and/or fees will be included in the representation.

A contingency fee agreement is a type of fee arrangement under which the attorneys are compensated depending on the outcome of the case. In other words, the client is not charged any attorneys’ fees unless the client receives some form of compensation

What Our Clients Have to Say

Don’t Take Our Word for It – See What Our Clients Have to Say About How We Go Above & Beyond for Those We Represent!

Natalia S.

Mr. McDaniels is a wonderful lawyer and teacher. He somehow makes time for everyone, always follows through in timely manner, and holds a tremendous amount of knowledge of constitutional, civil and criminal law in his head. I highly recommend working with him.

Rick B.

Having known Attorney Nicholas McDaniels for several years, I have come to know not only a spectacular attorney; but an extraordinary teacher of law students and genuine, caring friend! Mr. McDaniels exudes the honesty, trust, and legal knowledge that you want in an attorney and friend. Most recommended by myself and many of my closest business associates and friends. If you require a motivated, savvy, driven attorney whose simple nature and mannerisms make you extremely comfortable and confident, Nick is the attorney for you! He’s been the attorney for me, and I’ll never look anywhere else. Thanks for always being you, Nick. All my best and thanks for everything!

Sean A.

Nick McDaniels is an accessible and knowledgeable lawyer. He assisted me in confidential negotiations and was patient, creative, and had great insights into strategy of opposing counsel, legal options, and possible court tactics. Highly recommend!

Staged Above

Lewis has been very helpful at helping us navigate the PPP application. Will definitely be calling them for any legal matters in the future after seeing how they are here helping others out and offering services to help small business owners! Grateful!