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 Real Estate Tax Lien Resolution and Litigation

Failure to pay any debt that you owe, results in a federal tax lien being placed on your property. The notice is a public document that can be filed in court. This is done to inform creditors and other associates about the fact that the government has rights to your property.

 A US tax form being filled in.

The IRS files tax liens when a person refuses to pay off any bills that they receive from the authority.

What Does a Tax Lien Apply For?

Tax liens are applicable for property and the rights to property. It also works for properties that you acquire after the lien is filed against you, and is filed under after-acquired properties. It’s one of the major reasons why liens should be cleared out immediately.

Any credit reporting authority can also find out about this, affecting your credit score.

Lien After Foreclosure

In simple words, unless you’ve paid off the lien in a foreclosure sale, the tax lien will be applied for all properties that you buy later on. The lien is not specific to a certain property. Depending on the size of the debt that you owe, foreclosure of your property is also a problem.

Lien Vs Levy

A lien is simply a claim made by the IRS, though depending on the size of the debt the property can be foreclosed by the authorities. A levy is when the authorities take over your property in case of unpaid dues.

Removing Tax Liens

A tax lien lawyer can help you deal with and avoid tax liens in the first place. If you do have one imposed on you, there are a few things that can be done. You can appeal against an improperly filed tax lien, contesting its validity.

Closeup of US Tax form.

A tax lien may be discharged on the sale of property for some cases. You can also withdraw your tax lien by making some agreement with the IRS.

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