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 The Importance of a Real Estate Attorney When Selling a House

A real estate agent can sell your house quickly and might get you good money for it. But remember, they might know about the involved paperwork; they don’t specialize in legal issues related to real estate and can sometimes miss something, leaving you vulnerable to potential trouble.

A Real Estate Attorney:

A real estate attorney is a professional who takes over all your documentation and paperwork hassle while selling a house. They make sure to tie all knots and not leave a loose end so that you are safe from any potential threat of fraud or misguidance or a costly lawsuit caused by a mistake or error. It is their job to make the process foolproof as you go along.

Some states require you to have a real estate attorney by your side when selling a house. But if you don’t live in any of those states, it is up to you. There are some cases when it is highly recommended to seek a real estate attorney’s expertise.

Complex Circumstances:

If there are other parties involved who might have an interest in the property, it is advised to hire an attorney so that the terms are negotiated and the deal closed with everyone’s satisfaction. These situations can be:

There Is A Lien Against Your Property:

A lien is if a party has earned the first claim to your property due to your inability to pay your debts.

Un-willing Co-owner:

If you share the rights to the property with your spouse or anyone else, and they are either unwilling to sell it or don’t agree to the terms of sale. If you are going through a separation or divorce, that can also complicate things.

Deceased Owner:

If the right to a property falls on you after its owner’s death, selling it can be tricky.

Buyer’s Ignorance:

If there is a problem in the property’s documentation, or a defect in the structure that your potential buyer fails to notice, it is better to hire a real estate attorney. They will tell you where you stand on due diligence and save you from possible lawsuits.

Out of State Buyer:

If your potential buyer lives in another state, the different legal requirements of the two states can make things complicated for you.

Foreclosure or Short-Sale:

If you fear foreclosure or there is already a foreclosure notice against your property, it will not be smooth sailing to sell your property without a real estate attorney.

If you are considering a short sale (selling the property for less than the amount you owe) you should hire an attorney.

Tenants on the Property:

If you have rented out your property to someone, you need to understand and follow some regulations before selling it.

One small mistake or error in the lengthy process of selling a house can threaten you with a lawsuit. More often than not, we trust and hire professionals to carry out jobs for us that are related to their fields. Selling a house should also be one of those cases.

Make sure you hire an expert with a lot of experience and credibility. We can sort you with one such Real Estate Attorney in Frederick.

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