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 Tax Lien Foreclosure: When To Do It in Maryland

Filing and recording a new real estate deed can be a complicated subject, even without bringing tax sales and tax deeds into the picture. Hiring an attorney in Frederick, MD can make the process flow faster and easier.

Understanding How TaxLien Sales Work

Unlike regular property sales, a tax sale has a few caveats. Tax sales are the sale of real estate property that reached a delinquency threshold. This means that the original owners of the property failed to pay property taxes.

In Baltimore, a house may be seized and placed on a tax sale once the owners fail to pay at least $750 in property taxes and other municipal liens.. Some counties set the delinquent threshold as low as $250 before the property is sold at a public auction.

Even after winning the bidding to purchase the property, purchasers will only receive a tax certificate, instead of the actual property title. Moreover, there is still a chance for original owners to redeem their house.

Steps in the Tax Lien Foreclosure Process

Unless the tax lien foreclosure filing process is finalized, the former property owners still retain a right of redemption. This redemption period remains until the purchaser officially forecloses the property and obtains the property deed.

In Maryland, you can only file a complaint to foreclose the original owners’ rights of redemption six months after the sale.

If you fail to file for foreclosure properly within two years, the certificate of sale you received will be null and void. Filing to foreclose all the rights of the homeowner requires sending proper notices to the other party.

Working with an experienced tax sale attorney can help ensure you retain ownership of your new real estate investment. The attorneys at LewisMcDaniels assist clients with every requirement to facilitate proper tax deed filing, including:

  • Sending notices of foreclosure 
  • Overseeing ejectment and the foreclosure process
  • Removing title defects and ensuring its marketability
  • Drafting and preparing a new deed
  • Making a certificate of preparation
  • Notarizing the new deed
  • Applying for a lien certificate
  • Submitting a Maryland Land Instrument Intake Sheet

The longer you go without initiating the foreclosure process, the more time the original homeowners have to pay off their liens and redeem the tax sale certificate to the property.

Prompt Tax Deed Filing in Frederick, MD

LewisMcDaniels provides first-rate legal services in Frederick, MD. Our lawyers are experienced in handling tax deed filings and helping clients redeem their property in a tax sale. 

We can help you every step of the way — from the initial bidding process to sending foreclosure notices and even filing for quiet title lawsuits. Our team will not only help you navigate all the intricacies of tax deed filing but also help ensure you get good returns on your investment.

Reach out to us through our contact form or call us at (301) 818-0405 to hire a top-notch tax sale lawyer today.

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