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 St. Mary’s County To Hold Tax Sale in March

The Maryland Tax Lien Sale is the last resort for Maryland homeowners who cannot pay their taxes. If the homeowner does satisfy its tax liability prior to the local tax sale, a lien on the property will be sold to the highest bidder, and they will forfeit all rights to that property.

The St. Mary’s County, Maryland Tax Sale will take place on Friday, March 4. It is where you can buy property tax liens for a bargain price. If you are looking to purchase Maryland tax lien properties, this article provides some information for you to consider.

About the Tax Sale in St. Mary’s County

The St. Mary’s County, Maryland Tax Sale is an open public auction where you can buy lien certificates for properties with unpaid taxes. The St. Mary’s County Tax Sale is a process by which the county sells tax liens on real property to investors. The sale of these tax liens generates revenue for the county.

When you purchase a tax lien, the property owner is still responsible for paying all back taxes. If the delinquent taxpayer pays the tax balance after it has been transferred to an investor, they can reclaim their property by redeeming their lien with the lien holder. There are additional costs associated with this process as well as time constraints.

If the taxpayer’s tax balance remains unpaid, several options are available to investors after a a set period of time of holding the lien. If the property owner does not redeem the property, the investor can complete an expedited foreclosure process that allows them to take possession of the property.

In order to participate in the St. Mary’s County Tax Sale, you must be pre-approved by the county. The sale typically occurs in the first week of March every year, and you must be announced as an interested applicant four (4) weeks beforehand according to Annotated Code section 14-817(1) in order to participate in the sale. You can obtain an application for pre-approval by emailing or calling.

The deadline for redeeming a property in foreclosure is typically six months from the tax sale. If it has not been redeemed by that time, the lien certificate holder may initiate legal proceedings to secure title and ownership of the property with the help of a Maryland tax sale attorney.


If you’re interested in purchasing a property tax lien certificate, Tax Sale is your best bet. The St. Mary’s County, Maryland Tax Sale occurs every year in the first week of March and is open to anyone who registers and announces themselves as an interested bidder four weeks before the sale. However, keep in mind that there are no guarantees with this purchase and that you can only purchase the lien, not the actual property. So, if you’re looking to invest in a property, this sale is definitely worth checking out.

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