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 How To Resolve Survey Disputes in Maryland

Survey disputes complicate the ownership or sale of a property in Maryland. It can cause a serious rift between two property owners, causing damage to their relationships, properties, and finances.

These issues are a hassle at best and a disaster at worst. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, it’s essential to understand the process for resolving survey disputes should one arise. With the proper steps, you can fix them quickly and efficiently.

Informal Resolution

Resolving survey disputes can be attempted through an informal resolution. You can do this by trying to sort out the conflict on your own or with the help of a third-party mediator.

When attempting an informal resolution, the parties involved should try to make a fair and equitable agreement. Generally, people prefer this option since it is usually faster and more cost-effective than going through formal litigation.

While an informal resolution is generally the most desired approach to resolving survey disputes, it can take a long time for both parties to reach an agreement. Additionally, there is no guarantee that either party will be satisfied with the outcome.

Formal Resolution

If an informal resolution fails, the parties involved may pursue formal litigation to settle the issue. This involves filing a lawsuit with the court and going through legal discovery, trial preparation, and litigation.

A formal resolution is generally more costly than an informal resolution as it requires hiring legal specialists to deal with the dispute. It also takes longer since it involves going through the legal system.

However, in some cases, it may be the only way to get a fair resolution, as both parties can present their case through the court system.

If you’re dealing with a formal survey dispute, it’s essential to:

Gather All the Necessary Documentation

You should be prepared to provide documentation regarding the dispute that may help your case. This includes deeds, survey reports, maps, title records, photographs, and other documents related to the property in question.

Hire a Land Surveyor

A professional land surveyor can assess the issue and provide valuable evidence in court. A qualified surveyor can locate boundaries, identify encroachments, and ensure all parties can present their cases accurately.

Initiate a Land Dispute Lawsuit

You must be prepared to take the matter to court to protect your property rights. If the dispute goes to court, it’s crucial to have an experienced Maryland real estate attorney with a thorough understanding of Maryland’s real estate laws to represent your interests.

Resolving survey disputes can be complicated, but you can reach an amicable resolution efficiently and fairly with the proper steps. Understanding the process of resolving survey disputes is vital for any property owner.

By knowing your options, you can be prepared to deal with any survey disputes that may arise.

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