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 How To Resolve a Lease Dispute

A lease dispute happens between tenants and landlords. These complaints often escalate and reach the courts. They can be issues of rights violations or a lack of fulfillment in an agreement. The state government has laws in place to help resolve issues like this. The disputes can vary, from eviction to rent and lease violations.

When these issues happen, you’ll need an attorney specializing in lease disputes. They can help resolve the problem fast. Contact a real estate attorney in Frederick, MD, from LewisMcDaniels, and you’ll have the assistance you need.

What Causes Lease Disputes?

Lease disputes can happen when there is a breach of the lease agreement. A landlord has the responsibility of keeping their property safe and habitable. They must provide a tenant with many modern amenities so they can live comfortably. Here are some areas where issues can arise:

  • Additional fees included in rent
  • Significant property damage
  • Landlord retaliation
  • Failure of landlord to maintain minimum household standards
  • Lack of rent receipts
  • Security deposit issues
  • Lack of payments

Resolving Residential Lease Disputes

When you approach us, we will examine the lease agreement and negotiate on your behalf. It’s the best method you can go with before any litigation. The goal is to resolve the dispute as early as possible. Here are some ways to resolve the issue without going to court:

  • Create custom leases to reduce the disputes that can occur and protect your interests.
  • Discuss options to help avoid litigation and achieve speedy resolution.
  • Review any contracts to ensure that they fulfill all state and federal mandates.

If all the options for resolution fail, we can represent you in court. We’ll fight on your behalf, and our knowledge of landlord-tenant laws can help you maintain your rights.

Resolving Commercial Lease Disputes

Commercial leases are often more complicated due to the amount of money and complexity of contracts involved. With our help, we can examine all documents and factor them in when trying to resolve a dispute. We can also help before complications arise by fixing the draft and ensuring it fulfills all legal requirements. In any case, a lawyer can help you no matter the lease type within the dispute.

Often, we have to deal with two main types of leases. The first is a gross lease where every other payment is a part of the tenant’s contribution, such as insurance and tax. The second is a net lease where the tenant only pays some of the cost. The approach remains the same as the goal is to reduce the chances for litigation and go to court if needed.

Disputes Happen

Because of a lack of understanding between parties, disputes become common among tenants and landlords. The best way to resolve this without issue is to have a real estate attorney in Frederick, MD, like LewisMcDaniels. You’ll have an experienced expert in your corner who can ensure that both parties are fulfilling their side of the agreement. If it escalates, you have someone who can fight for your rights in court. Get in touch with us today by either sending a secure message via our website or by calling 301-818-0405.

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