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 How Does Maryland Process Tax Sale Foreclosures?

If you do not pay your property taxes in Maryland, the amount owed becomes a tax lien on your home. The tax collector may sell the lien on your home at a tax sale if you owe property taxes in Maryland.

But don’t worry. A tax sale foreclosure will not occur until you have been given adequate notice and an opportunity to pay off your debts.

If you don’t pay off your property debts, the tax collector will auction the lien on your property at a tax sale to the highest bidder. The bidder will then pay all of your property’s penalty taxes plus interest and sale charges.

The successful bidder in the tax sale receives a sale certificate (a tax lien certificate). Your tax collector will then notify you of the sale within 60 days of it taking place.

After that, you’ll have some time and opportunity to regain the property. To redeem your home following a tax sale, you must pay past-due payments and many other charges within a specific time frame.

What Happens When I Don’t Pay the Taxes During the Redemption Period?

Any property sold in a tax sale foreclosure will be subject to a six-month redemption period. During this period, you may settle any outstanding tax liens on your property and repurchase it from the certificate holder or purchaser. The purchaser must wait six months before initiating the foreclosure of the right of the redemption process.

In addition to this, the purchaser will send you notices. Within two months after delivering the first notice and 30 days after sending the second notice, the purchaser or tax lien certificate holder can file a complaint to foreclose your right to redemption.

Note that the first and second notices have the same information. If you don’t have the chance to pay the debts during the redemption term, the purchaser can foreclose your right of redemption and acquire ownership of the property.

Tax Sale Foreclosure Process in Maryland

To initiate the foreclosure, the successful bidder must file a lawsuit. The court issues summons to all identified defendants after the purchaser or tax lien certificate holder files a complaint.

The court will proceed with the litigation process after mandating the publication of the foreclosure procedure. After a court enters an order foreclosing your right of redemption, it will issue a deed to the foreclosing buyer.

Upon Expiration of the Right To Foreclose

Suppose the successful bidder fails to initiate the foreclosure within two years of the certificate of sale’s date. The certificate becomes null and void in that case, and the bidder forfeits all rights to your property. If you still don’t pay the overdue amounts of your property, it will likely be sold in a subsequent tax sale.

Redeem Your Property With Our Help

Choosing a Frederick tax lien attorney can be challenging. The process can be daunting for someone who doesn’t understand property laws and tax sales.

At LewisMcDaniels, you can count on our team to help you file a complaint and help with the process of redeeming your property through tax sale foreclosure Maryland. To get started, contact us here.

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