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 Calvert County Tax Sale Scheduled for April 21st, 2023

According to the official website of Calvert County Maryland, “The next Calvert County Tax Sale is scheduled for April 21, 2023, at 10:00 AM at the Circuit Court Courthouse, 175 Main Street Prince Frederick, Maryland 20678.”

When a property owner fails to pay the requisite taxes on their property, Calvert County will put the property up for auction as a “tax sale” in an effort to make up for the lost tax revenue. In other words, a tax sale is the selling of a real estate asset through bidding that happens when a taxpayer reaches a specific level of delinquency on their unpaid property tax payments.

How Property Tax Sales Work

There are two types of property tax sales — properties sold during a tax sale can be either tax deeds or tax liens. In Maryland, we use a tax lien system. Both transactions involve the sale of properties for which the owner owes back taxes, fees, or fines. A tax lien sale is an auction when the liens are sold to the highest bidder. Now the homeowner will have to pay the liens plus interest to whoever made the highest offer. If the homeowner is unable to pay the liens, the new lien owner may proceed with foreclosure.

Public Auction

A tax sale public auction’s main goal is to recover taxes that the property owner hasn’t paid in at least five years. Any bidder who wins will be given a Certificate of Sale, which will allow them to begin legal actions to acquire title to the property after a redemption period. However, the property owner will still have an opportunity to redeem their property. The owner of the property has a six month and one-day redemption period.

The certificate holder, which is the highest bidder, may begin the procedures to obtain the property title if, after six months and one day, the property has not been redeemed. This entails getting in touch with a Maryland tax sale attorney and asking them to start the legal procedures required to get title to the property.

Other Payments Besides Liens

After-sale, certificate holders may have to deal with other charges besides the tax sale liens, such as:

  • Tax challenges
  • Disputes
  • IRS liens
  • Judgment liens
  • HOA dues
  • Municipal liens
  • Other claims that may be attached to tax sale properties

To ensure that everything goes according to plan, you will need a trustworthy Maryland tax lien attorney that is prepared to defend you in state and federal court with regard to tax sale properties, regardless of the difficulties involved. A Maryland tax lien attorney makes sure you have a significantly better probability of receiving favorable decisions throughout the whole process, from the original bidding to making sure all protocols are followed to the final stages of foreclosure and possession.

Get in Touch With a Maryland Tax Lien Attorney

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