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Civil litigation covers all manner of civil matters and resolves them in courts or through negotiation, mediation, and/or settlement. When two parties get involved in a non-criminal legal issue, civil litigation lawyers present the case through negotiations all the way to trial.

A lawyer can help you present your case in a way most favorable to you, whether you are the plaintiff of the defendant.  A civil litigation lawyer in Frederick can make your case stronger and present it effectively in the trial.

We’re Experts In Various Types of Civil Litigation

Many kinds of cases fall under the umbrella of civil litigation. LewisMcDaniels’ civil litigation lawyers in Frederick can help you with the following cases and more:

  • Breaches of contract
  • Business disputes
  • Consumer Protection issues
  • Property disputes
  • Replevin and detainer actions
  • Mortgage and tax sale foreclosure

If you are involved in any of these cases or other civil litigation issues, our experienced attorneys can guide you and prepare your case.

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Helping You Through All Stages of a Civil Litigation Case

A typical civil litigation case involves several stages, including pre-filing, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, and post-trial.  

The discovery stage is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive stage for the legal team. The time spent in court is comparably not too long. Keep in mind; all cases don’t necessarily go through all these stages.

At LewisMcDaniels, we work hard on settling the case for you through alternative dispute resolution forums like mediation, negotiations, and arbitration to save your time and money.

What to Expect From Your Civil Litigation Attorney in Frederick?

The outcome of a case depends on multiple factors. Still, an experienced civil litigation lawyer in Frederick like LewisMcDaniels will help you with every step of the case and provide you with sound legal advice.

Your lawyer can guide you through all of your options and may be able to get your case settled before it even reaches the courts.

Consulting a litigation lawyer is integral for the outcome of your case since they are aware of the legal procedures and local laws in Frederick, which means you would be in a stronger position to prevail in your case.

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